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Building is a creative process of unfolding ideas into possibilities. The artistic integration of needs and wants into the built environment makes the difference between a building that you can live in and a place you love to be.

The Design/Build process is where our team thrives. When you inquire with Heartmoor Design Build you get personal respect, direct contact, and individuals who listen to your vision. Our high quality contacts across construction disciplines ensures that you get what you want, how you want it, and when you need it to make your project happen. Changes are inevitable even in the most well thought through projects- our goal is make opportunities out of obstacles and possibilities out of problems.


Building is about ecological preservation

Each and every aspect of the built environment will reflect the principles and dedication of the owner and builder. In consideration of the tremendous amount of waste the contracting industry creates, we emphasize the use of salvage materials, reusing deconstructed buildings, repurposing everything we can, and reimagining how the space we are creating contributes to a healthier, safer environment. Waste sorting, reclamation, and recycling are a fundamental part of our service because it not only saves you money, it saves the limited resources of our Earth.

Building is about working together

As a teacher for over 20 years, I have learned that the greatest results come from collaboration. This is in the design process, the materials acquisition process, and even in the physical building of the structure. My experience working with contractors has resulted in two distinct lessons: I’ve gained an appreciation for the physical labor involved in the process and the satisfaction that comes after a long week; I’ve learned how the crafting of a vision for newly built or redesigned spaces evolves best through open, consistent, and clear communication

Building is about site selection

We work on the land. Land has a direction, a slope, and is a key factor in where we place, expand, and explore the satisfaction of the fundamental need for shelter. Orientation to the sun, the predominant weather patterns, the
existing trees, and both the human and animal movements through these spaces help create a story, atimeline, a history that is our blueprint for what to do and what can be done.


Thank you for considering Heartmoor Design Build for your next project, large or small, practical or personal.

As a Virginia Class A licensed Contractor with the Residential Building Contractor specialty certification, I can advise and assist you in both common and creative building solutions.

Please contact Designbuild@heartmoorfarm.org to take the next step in making your vision visible.


“Robert demonstrates all the adjectives one would expect of a career contractor: he is straight-forward, efficient, resourceful, adept in project management, and simply really really good at building things. But then there are all the unexpected abilities he brings to his work – cleverness and creativity, awareness of the environment, and an uncanny sensitivity to the people (and animals) around him. We’d trust him with any job, and feel lucky to know him.” -Kate

“Our old kitchen was in major need of an overhaul which included taking down a load-bearing concrete block wall to open up the space.  The quotes we received from other contractors were way beyond our budget especially since I am pretty handy and am willing to help out with projects in my home.  We also honestly had a hard time getting much interest in the job because of the difficulty level of the work involved.  We were so happy to have found Robert and to have him lead the project of expertly taking down the wall and allowing me to assist him along the way.  He collaborated with me to ensure we had all the materials and equipment required beforehand and he worked carefully and swiftly to complete the project in less than a day which allowed us to quickly move into the next phase of the project.  Having worked with him on our house, I can confidently say he will be able to handle whatever you need done in your home!” – Pete

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