Testimonials from our visitors

Our family has been grateful for the joyful learning, creativity and natural beauty of Heartmoor Education Centre’s children’s programs.  Our 10 year old has wholeheartedly embraced Elizabeth and Robert’s loving wisdom and guidance, coming away both inspired and rejuvenated by all they have to offer, from the mindful wood-working to the affectionate pigs, from the delicious cooking to the compelling clay work.  This gem of a Montessori/Farm- based resource so close to Charlottesville and Richmond will be our destination of choice for many years to come; being there feels like an oasis of delight and renewal in the hustle and bustle of our times.  -The Copeland family

The Timber Framing Intensive was fantastic!  I learned more than I expected and the hands on training was superb.  While it was just myself taking the class, you were able to teach to my needs.  Your knowledge and flexibility made for a fun and easy learning experience.  Using multiple new-to-me tools was an exhilarating task.  Please let me know when you have more classes. – Mike

Building a tiny house is not a tiny project, but fortunately for me, I found a beginning construction class through Piedmont Valley Community College to help me get started. At his workshop at Heartmoor Farm in Kents Store, our instructor, Robert, teaches everything from the basics to advanced construction, from construction techniques seen in most houses to timber framing. I came in only with experience repairing small things in my home and absolutely no construction vocabulary or knowledge. Robert deserves sainthood for his patience. I went from sub-zero skill level to  installing a window in four weeks. With every class, my confidence in my ability to do the work on my house increased 10 fold. I not only learned how to use hand tools, but a variety of electric saws that before this class were on my “do not ever touch or go near” list. In a month, I’ve gone from watching while others worked to pulling out the circular saw, the chop saw or the jigsaw, and making the cuts, then nailing it with my own nail gun. I am definitely taking future classes since this is my first tiny house and I intend to build more.- LuAnn

My daughter loved everything about Heartmoor sleep away camp; from woodworking, clay modeling, making flower presses, to the food and the beautiful natural surroundings. She was happy, busy doing projects, and so disappointed when the week came to an end. We definitely will be returning next year.  -Nell

Just want to thank both of you for the magical days J expressed she spent with you.  She said, “there was so much to do that we didn’t have enough days.”  It was a great car ride home hearing about all you did.  This was her first toe in the water test of being apart from me…and I couldn’t have felt more deeply that I knew that she was going to be engaged and well cared for and safe as a bug in a rug.  My sincerest gratitude for that.  – Rebecca

Thanks to your class I was able to remove the closet doorway — and feel confident I wasn’t removing a load-bearing wall. Thanks to your class I was able to remove the floor and subfloor, replace them, and know they would support the tile we wanted to install. Thanks to your class I was able to remove the creepy laundry chute to nowhere and make it look as if it were never there. And thanks to your class I knew the tools and materials I needed to do a successful renovation. Best of all, I had a chance to spend time with, and pass on some of these skills to, my two 16-year-old sons as they helped me on the project. – Stan