School Programs

Programs for Visiting Schools

Your entire class can join us on the farm for lesson topics in many disciplines. Teachers and administrators have asked us to partner with their schools so that students gain exposure to a working farm with all of its components. Make several trips to Heartmoor and cultivate a long-term relationship with our farm. We offer a safe, stimulating environment where students are inspired and supported in their explorations. Our hands-on, engaging topics range from botany and zoology, to art and history, to science and geometry. These integrated, multi-sensory lessons are designed to bring simplicity to the complex issues we face in our world today. Our years working with students with exceptional needs and languages other than English have informed our sensitivity and ability to serve children as individuals and to offer them grounded experiences.

Heartmoor: You Build Here

For Grade School Ages 6-12
Autumn – Apple Pressing Pruning for Winter Leaf Rubbings for Printmaking Ruminant Anatomy Birdhouses & Habitats
Spring – Sowing a local Harvest A Plant’s World Insects are Everywhere Printmaking Sketching the Scenery
Winter – Earth Art Breads Water Quality: The Earth as a Filter Drawing the Cold Bat Houses
Summer – Tree Identification Herb Collections Teas Clay from the Farm Botanical Drawing
For Middle School ages 12-15
Autumn – Bookbinding Earthenware Leaves in Latin Earth Art Woodcuts
Spring – In the Eyes of the Renaissance Painters Sowing for Micro-diversity Seminar: Meeting Global Food Demands in Real Time Cataloging the Botanical Sanctuary
Winter -Pythagoras, Archimedes & the Modern Building Cold Season Crops Birdhouses & Bat Houses Breads of America Seminar: The Ideal Farm in America
Summer – Keeping the Harvest Cooking Fresh World Breads Seminar: Wheat and Our World
Special Topics: Sapling Harvesting for Primitive Buildings; Chicken Hutch, Tractor, or Free Range?; Stretcher Frames for Artists of all Ages; Food Symposium 2015; A community driven discussion with local stakeholders in business, politics, and social service.
The Simple Process: 1. Choose a topic by the season 2. Request your preferred dates by phone or email 3. Complete registration forms 4. Receive confirmation 5. Anticipate your visit!
Costs: All topics in every season are $15 per child. Teachers and chaperones join free. Transportation is the responsibility of the school.