A Child’s Retreat

A Child’s Day Retreat at Heartmoor – 2019 dates

Let your child became a student of Nature.

Come to Heartmoor Farm to listen, observe, share and DO.

Saturdays 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
January 20
February 10
March 10
April 7
May 5

Cost: $75 per meeting

We know how important it is for our children to spend spend time in natural surroundings. We are happy to introduce a special opportunity for children enjoy a day-long retreat at Heartmoor Farm so that they may recharge under the trees.

Remember how it feels to be in the natural world? Sitting with your back against a tree, or resting on a large rock in the creek, watching and listening, actively engaging all your senses in order to realize where you are is a whole-person experience.

See, hear, smell, touch and taste: water moving in the creek, the breeze rustling branches and leaves, notice squirrels scurry by, the birds’ song overhead and feel when a woodpecker swoops so near to you, you are practically carried on its wing. These experiences comfort and revitalize humans.When in nature we remember the connection we have with all of life.


Work in the garden, tend the animals and the trails, build birdhouses, sow and reap, wash and cook, eat and laugh – PLAY and WORK, fill your day with meaningful opportunities to learn about yourself and others.

When the irises bloom, do you know what else is blooming? Notice when the blueberries are ready to gather. Watch a flock of chickens hunt for insects. Identify and harvest herbs then make tea to share with others. Make your own journal and fill it with your observations of nature. Paint, draw, sculpt, design, and create.


In camp this summer at Heartmoor children made bat houses, flower presses, journals, and cutting boards. Children made treasure boxes and decorated them with flowers they had pressed. Several children threw a pot on the pottery wheel and everyone enjoyed hand-building with clay. They made bread and homemade pasta, pesto, and hummus with fresh dill from the garden. Homemade pizza was a favorite as each child created their own pizza. These recipes were recorded so they can be practiced at home. This fall give your child the opportunity to experience the woodshop and explore clay. He/she will be introduced to a new project each Saturday and any unfinished projects from previous visits can be completed as well.