A Child’s Day Retreat at Heartmoor – Now Meeting

Let your child became a student of Nature!

Come to Heartmoor Farm to listen, observe, share and do!

Saturdays:  October 28, and November 11

Cost: $75 per meeting

We know how important it is for our children to spend spend time in natural surroundings. We are happy to introduce a special opportunity for children enjoy a day-long retreat at Heartmoor Farm so that they may recharge under the trees.

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Women’s Woodworking For Beginners – Join Us!

Woodworking for Women

October 7
9am-4pm (please bring a lunch)
  • Gain a basic overview of terms, tools, and techniques used in the field of carpentry.
  • Learn how to safely use a wide range of hand and power tools.

We’ll go over house framing and layout while looking at the anatomy of a structure. Whether

you’re planning on building a house or just want some basic skills, this course will help you gain

the confidence you need.

Course Objective:

To provide hands-on experience using a variety of hand and power tools

To build student’s confidence to tackle projects at home


Suggested Reading:

Larry Haun/Taunton Press. Homebuilding Basics

Albert Jackson, David Day/Wings Books. Tools and How to Use Them

What you should bring:

• work clothes

• work gloves

• sturdy shoes

• personal safety items: eye and ear protection, dust mask

• notebook

• photos or project plans

• tools you already own that you want to learn to use better

Join the long history of Women making a difference in the trade industry and feel confident to build your dream shed, house, studio, or anything you can think of, at anytime, for years to come.


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