Zero Garbage by Rose Brown

July 1st
2:00 – 4: 00 p.m.
A by donation presentation
Rose Brown lives in Charlottesville with her son and dog. She is a stream monitoring contractor at Rivanna Conservation Alliance as well as a certified massage therapist at Common Ground Healing Arts. She has been living without garbage since 2009 when she founded the Zero Garbage Challenge, and she provides information, workshops and presentations to the community about household waste reduction. She also undertakes education and stewardship projects around the watershed as a volunteer Rivanna Master Naturalist. Previously, she has worked for StreamWatch, Rivanna River Basin Commission, Thomas Jefferson Soil & Water Conservation District and The Nature Conservancy.
Please arrive a little before 2:00 to settle in with a cup of tea, bring a notepad to record notes as Rose walks us through life with Zero Garbage.
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Children interested in this concept, 8 years old+ are welcome to attend with parent/caregiver.
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