Humanities at Heartmoor

Opportunity for Homeschooling Enrichment

Humanities at Heartmoor
Tuesdays and Thursdays
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Sept 4, 2018 – May 30, 2019 (academic year commitment)
$110.00 per meeting (tuition payable monthly)
If your family and child are an excellent fit but cost is prohibitive, please let me know and I will consider a sliding scale.
For the year: 66 meetings total = $7,260.00

Contact us to register:

There is space for five children (11 – 13 years old).

Topics to be covered: Language Arts, literature, discussion, creative writing, essay writing, grammar, research, history, culture, geography, drama

We study Humanities in order to investigate aspects of human society and culture. Traditionally this has included ancient and modern languages, literature, geography, philosophy, history, religion, art, and musicology.

At Heartmoor the children will immerse themselves in reading and writing across content areas.

We will aspire to broaden our perspective on the human experience by examining the struggles and triumphs of others. Through this examination the child recognizes similarities of emotion and responses, and this familiarity binds us together, as humans, through time and space. We come to understand the gifts and challenges of being human. The children also realize that each individual matters and see that they, personally, can make a contribution. “Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” -William James

We will study biographies of well known and lesser known individuals providing fertile ground for the student’s development of personal values. We have capacity to show compassion and feel love, we can imagine lives of people we have never met. Reading about lives of others assists the student in developing respect for generations who have come before us and on whose shoulders we stand.
We can do, make, and create. To envision yourself as an active protagonist in your own life, in your community, and in the world is a goal of this study.

Child weaves branches of leaves through strings on a branch. She's wearing a blue hat and a calico cat is sitting at her side.

Great stories are the basis of a rich cultural awareness. Questions and discussion will be at the center of our study. Basic curiosity about other humans, their lives, and questioning how they fulfill their fundamental human needs will drive our inquiry into other cultures. Studying history through the lens of literature, music, theatre, geography, and art offers a rich palette of opportunities for exploration. Specific historical periods for examination will be determined based on previous study of participants.

As a Russian Studies major and theatre minor at Washington and Lee University, I appreciate how literature can inform our understanding of others and how through the written word, we can grow in our compassion and openness.

Book Group entails reading, answering questions, and sharing personal perspective in a small group setting. Adding a dramatic aspect to our investigative study will enliven history for the children. There will be opportunity to write about individuals from history and present his/her story in Dramatis Personae performance.


Sources/Articles for parent inspiration:

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