Fall 2017 Woodworking Classes

Basic Carpentry 

September 11- October 16

Mondays   6wks  6-8:30pm


Instructor:  MacKinnon
Learn about basic tool use, safety equipment, types of wood and different cuts of wood as well as some fundamentals of house framing.  Both hand and power tools will be taught and used to complete a simple group project. Students are encouraged to bring drawings, photographs, and questions about their own maintenance and repair issues or building dreams.

Intermediate Carpentry

October 23- November 27

Mondays  6wks  6-8:30pm


Instructor:  MacKinnon
Continue the work from Basic Carpentry designing and building a small project. Topics continue on hand and power tool use, safety and measurement skills. Fastening, joinery techniques and structural integrity of existing buildings as well as a focus on individual’s current projects will also be discussed. This is an intermediate class with the goal of completing a group project. Prerequisite: Basic Carpentry

Timber Tools 

September 14- October 12

Thursdays 5 weeks

This is an introduction to the tools, their care, and their use in basic Timber Framing.  We will cover a short history of the architecture, frame design, lumber selection and storage, joinery choices, and integration of sustainable materials.  Brace layout, cutting and preparation for assembly of small frames as well as issues related to aging frames will be addressed.  Tools & materials provided.

Timber Framing 

October 19- November 16 5 weeks


Learn the fundamentals of design and construction of small timber frame structures using mortise and tenon joinery.  Students will learn layout techniques, tool use, and options for joinery cutting methods.  Meetings will also touch on finishes and options for HVAC systems for timber frames.  This course will primarily focus on hand-cut joinery and tools but will also demonstrate power tools and techniques used by modern timber framers.

Tools & Materials provided

Please contact us if you would like to plan an event for you and your friends to participate in any workshop as a group or even learn to cut your own frame.  Frames can be planned by participants, cut here, and transported to your own property for raising.  Frames cut which have no immediate destination may be sold locally to offset the cost of lumber.   If you have an idea for the location of a new timber frame, or a cause or organization that is in need of a frame cut for reasonable costs, contact us at the email below.


For more information: Robert MacKinnon robert@heartmoorfarm.org


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